det som aldri stilner (2020-2022)
white curtains, 4 speakers, 4 stands, 2 black bean bags.

"Det som aldri stilner" is based on the lives of five women and four men living with eating disorders. The information in this work is gathered from a series of interviews I conducted from 2019-2022.  The work was made in collaboration with ROS Rådgivning om spiseforstyrrelser and funded by Stiftelsen Dam.

"Det som aldri stilner" was in the autumn of 2022 exhibited at different community centers in Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo and Trondheim.

Listen to det som aldri stilner

dagbøkene (2021)
Text printed on sketch paper and displayed in a grid. Exhibited in Porsgrunn Kunstforening, 2021.

At the beginning of 2020, I conducted a series of 15 interviews with five women aged 18-35, where they spoke about their experience of living with an eating disorder. During this time they were also given a diary. The diary was meant to be a safe place where they could write down their thought and feelings that they did not want, or could not share during the interviews.

dagbøkene consist of short sentences and paragraphs taken from their interviews and diaries. 

Den som sover, synder ikke (2018)
10 chairs, 4 speakers on stand, 1 cloth rack. 
 Interactive sound installation, Teaterhuset Avant Garden, 2018. 
Duration: 14. min

Den som sover, synder ikke is composed of several sonic channels where moments of loss, real and imagined, are described.

The work is based upon information gathered from several interviews I had with my mother, aunt and my great- aunt. The work is a continuation of Gevings previous work, She who sleeps does not sin.  

Photos: Tobias Liljedahl
She who sleeps does not sin (2018)
Curtains, video projected on the wall,headphones, two black chairs. Video installation, Centrum för fotografi, Stockholm 2018.

In this work I interviewed my mother, aunt and great-aunt about the grief they experienced after my grandmother commited suicide. In this work I spent two months conducting interviews, going through photographs and trying to understand how grief effects families, relationships and why it is difficult for us to express our feelings in public. 

Screenshot from video.
12 seconds (2017)
An analog camera, a tripod, 6 rolls of 120 film.
Performance, 5th of November. Arcosanti, Arizona
Duration: 2 hours 

An action based site-specific performance at Arcosanti, Phoenix. 12 seconds is a live performance where I attempted to lay on top of the rock before the camera shutter was relased.

I ran naked towards the rock, breathing heavily as I tried to reach the top of the rock before I heard the sound of the shutter going off.  Ones I heard the shutter the heavy breathing stopped, I turned around and walked down, rewinded the camera, pressed the shutter and ran towards the rock. The performance ended when I no longer had any rolls of film left.

Documentation from live performance conducted on the 5th of November 2017.

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