Æ ska gi dæ rom 2023

Sound piece, 20 min
Presented in a private listening experience in my living room on the 4th of October 2023 

(Audio Excerpt: 2 min and 29 sec )

“Æ ska gi dæ rom” is my contribution to “This Sonic planet”, a project initiated by Katherine Butcher and it presents a sonic landscape consisting of a monologue with short sentences taken from the conversations that unfolded between my partner and me in March 2023,  and man-made and natural sounds from streams, trickling water, sea and birds, that was recorded on my travels in Europe and South America. 

Documentation of “Æ ska gi dæ rom” shown at a private listening session in my living room on the 4th of October 2023. Photo: Susann Jamtøy  

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Moments. This is a moment 2023

Derfor løper jeg (2023) 
Live performance. Variable duration    

Du må huske å puste (2023)
Sound piece. 00:15:00 Loop 

Collaboration with Katherine Butchers SHINY FLOOR SHOW 
Heimdal Kunstforening, Trondheim

(Audio Excerpt: 5 min and 13 sec)

Katherine Butcher and Hanne Dahl Geving collaborate to create a shared space at Heimdal Kunstforening. The exhibition, titled 'Moments. This is a moment', 2023 reflects on the intimate relationship between the body and the mind as a series of shimmering moments.

Just as light refracts and dances across a mirror, these moments refract and reflect the intricate nature of our human experience, encouraging us to contemplate and appreciate the delicate harmony residing within us. Hanne Dahl Geving's two artworks "Derfor løper jeg" (Therefore I run) and "du må huske å puste" (you must remember to breathe), Hanne explores the interplay between the body and thoughts through sound and performance to question how these moments, when we actively seek this connection, can have a profound influence on us. Her live performance "Derfor løper jeg" delves into this dynamic through activities that elevate the heart rate, while the sound piece "du må huske å puste" concentrates on instances when the body and mind find synchrony.

Katherine Butcher's "SHINY FLOOR SHOW (SFS)" acts as a platform for the entire exhibition. The installation of standard mirrored vinyl claims the space and transforms the moments into a focal point. SHINY FLOOR SHOW is the skin of the exhibition, radiant and alive, becoming a canvas that bears the imprint of Geving's physical performances - scrapes, scratches, and cuts - transforming it into a testament and reflection of present, past, and anticipated moments.

Documentation of “Moments. This is a moment” at Heimdal Kunstforening 8.September-8.October 2023. Photo: Lili Zaneta

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det som aldri stilner 2020-2022

white curtains, 4 speakers, 4 stands, 2 black bean bags.
Soundinstallation, 00:10:30 loop

Collaboration with ROS Rådgivning om spiseforstyrrelser 
Supported by Stiftelsen Dam

Exhibited at ROS senter i Trøndelag, Sagenes Samfunnshus, Midjord Bydelshus og Ny-Krohnborg senter, autumn of 2022.

(Audio Excerpt: 1 min and 10 sec )

"Det som aldri stilner" is based on the lives of five women and four men living with eating disorders. The information in this work is gathered from a series of interviews I conducted from 2019-2022.  The work was made in collaboration with ROS Rådgivning om spiseforstyrrelser

Documentation of “det som aldri stilner” shown at a Midjord Bydelshus and Sagenes autumn of 2022. 

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How to read water #5 2021

Video, 00:10:12  
TEKS Trondheim Elektroniske Kunstsenter

Collaboration with Anna Thu Schmidt, Mina Paasche and Thea E.Grant 

(Video Excerpt: 1 min and 13 sec )


“How to read water” is an interdisciplinary dance installation that explores the relationship between the human body and the sea. Schmidt, Grant and Geving explore the gallery space and transform the project into a dance film and an installation in combination with live events. The artists aim to create an interdisciplinary art experience in a timeless, meditative space inspired by the 'Blue Space' phenomenon. In How to read water #5, music, dance and video art come together as equal elements. While all the senses are triggered when you are in the sea, the sense of time is often lost. How to read water recreates this timeless space.

Stills from film.

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Dagbøkene 2021

Text printed on sketch paper and displayed in a grid.
Exhibited in Porsgrunn Kunstforening, 2021.

At the beginning of 2020, I conducted a series of 15 interviews with five women aged 18-35, where they spoke about their experience of living with an eating disorder. During this time they were also given a diary. The diary was meant to be a safe place where they could write down their thought and feelings that they did not want, or could not share during the interviews.

“Dagbøkene” consist of short sentences and paragraphs taken from their interviews and diaries.

Documentation of “Dagbøkene” at Porsgrunn Kunstforening

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Sitting in silence & Eating in silence 2023
Two participatory performance 
Leveld Kunstnartun, Leveld. 

Collaboration with Karolina Rupp and Rachel Pursglove.

Invitation photos

During the stay at Leveld Kunstnartun March 2022 Rupp, Pursglove and I explored the theme of silence by engaging the local community and inviting them to participate in two silent events that was hold on the 22 of March and 25 of March 2022. 

Documentation of “Sitting in silence” and “Eating in silence “ 

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Open studios 2021

Public intervention,
Video projection,
Drawing/site-specific installation,
installation and installation with sound. 

33 Officina Creativa Residency, Toffia 

Collaboration with Karolina Rupp and Rachel Pursglove

At the end of our residency at 33 Officina Creativa Residency we presented our first group show in the theatre space in Toffia where we showed five works that together became a collective respons to the culture, place and our time there. 

“When the everyday becomes art”
The exhibition performance that the three artists presented in the Toffia theater, through the
stillness of the table set for a perpetual breakfast that filled the stage, the threads that housed
the clothes of their “walking", the rhythmic signs, the images and sounds - almost hypnotic
words, it was an immersion in the space and time of the everyday life.

An art form that, as Beuys said, is capable of acting on the relationship between man and
nature. Karolina, Hanne and Rachel have given objects, and gestures, a new possibility of form
and breath.

(Pino Grossi, artist Toffia Italy)

“Poem For Toffia”,Public Intervention
A4 printout of a poem translated into Italian and placed on community notice boards and points of interest around the small town of Toffia.
Dimensions: A4 – 60 lines, 9 copies

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“Fragments of Toffia”, Video Projection.
Footage of our time spent in Toffia and the surrounding areas, shown unedited and in chronological order from the date of our arrival.
Materials: Video (Recorded on a 90s Sony Handycam Video Camera), projector, double-layered fabric. Dimensions: 75 x 126 cm (projection)

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“Masterpiece”, Drawing/ Site-Specific Installation 2021
Collaborative drawing of mark-making using crayon attached to the end of 1 metre sticks and presented amidst a 13th Century Italian Fresco.
Materials: Black lumber crayon, paper, wooden frame with metal stand.
Dimensions: 151 x 98 cm

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“Kitchen Table”, Installation, 2021
Remnants of breakfast including crumbs
Materials: Wooden table, chairs, dirty plates/cups/glasses/cutlery, coffee pots, oven mitts, almost empty jar of honey, salt, jam, pepper, pieces of bread/cheese/tomato, chopping knife, half empty bottles of water/milk.
Dimensions: 80 x 168 x 73 cm

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“Washing Line”, Installation with sound, 2021

Sound. 00.03.17. Loop
Materials: Nails, 3 lines of string, 24 items of clothing (hiking gear), bench, 2 speakers either side of the bench playing sounds of walking, recorded during one of our group walks.
Dimensions: Variable

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(Audio Excerpt: Washing Line. 30 sec )

Den som sover synder ikke 2018

 Interactive sound installation,00:14.00
10 chairs, 4 speakers on stand, 1 cloth rack.

Teaterhuset Avant Garden, 2018.

(Audio Excerpt: 1 min and 8 sec )

Den som sover, synder ikke is composed of several sonic channels where moments of loss, real and imagined, are described.

The work is based upon information gathered from several interviews I had with my mother, aunt and my great- aunt. The work is a continuation of my previous work, She who sleeps does not sin.  

Documentation of “Den som sover synder ikke”. Photo: Tobias Liljedahl

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